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Things You Can't Ship Outside of the U.S.

Even if they are legal, many items are considered prohibited or restricted by your country of residence and/or parcel carriers. MyMallBox must comply with all international shipping regulations.

If we believe a product we receive is prohibited, we will reach out to you with a suggested course of action. Unfortunately, we aren’t responsible for return postage for any items we can’t ship. If we receive an illegal item, we will notify law enforcement immediately.

The following link outlines generally prohibited items. Please note: this list varies from country to country. (For example, Canada has different restrictions than Australia. Not all commodities are banned by all countries.) Typically, items you won’t be able to import include – but are not limited to – those that fall within the following categories:

Ultimately, we reserve the right to refuse handling any item, even if it isn’t prohibited. If you have any questions about specific items, please submit a support ticket before shipping them to our facility.

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