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Masks have slowly become essential to everyone’s wardrobe in the past few years, and you are advised to wear one in public and outdoor areas. This means that, like many other people, you might be searching for a breathable, itch-free mask that you can use with confidence.

Finding one without gaps in the sides or one that results in foggy glasses is hard, but we have listed some of the best US-based websites that offer you easy-to-wear and comfortable masks, all available at the click of a button.

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Enro’s face masks are so popular that they are often sold out immediately. They are an exceptional brand, as they have a built-in PM0.1 filter, which is known to block 98.5% of particles and microns and keeps that protection intact even after a hundred washes.

The mask is distinctly stylish with an antimicrobial finish that prevents both bad odor and bacterial growth. This brand is known to be used by celebrities because it is a triple-layered mask, but much lighter in comparison to its competitor brands. offers a wide range of stylish masks that come in both solid colors and chic patterns, which is a bonus when it comes to fashionable masks. top 10 us-based websites to buy designer face masks 2022 website

A Graf Lantz’s mask is known for its extreme comfort. The website offers their best, the Regular Zenbu Organic Cotton Face Mask from this collection is both washable and premises an optimized fitting, which prevents gaps or any sort of bunching.

This designer mask has adjustable straps for the ears and a metallic nose bridge to keep your glasses from fogging up. shows masks that have a filter pocket. The company is known for its philanthropy, as it donates five meals to the Feeding America campaign with each mask it sells. top 10 us-based websites to buy designer face masks 2022 website offers the TrinoXo face mask; which is a great option for those who are invested in conservation as it is made from leftover T-shirt materials. The website showcases various masks that are made from a super soft multi-blend fabric that has merino wool, chitosan, and Tencel lyocell.

This is a non-medical mask that comes in a three-pack and is known for its moisture-wicking features, too. Though it is a US-based website, you can also place your order using third-party order fulfillment and shipping services that allow you to pick your favorite masks and ship to your country, safely and promptly.

If you are shopping for accessories, you can order them through the Self Shop service with MyMallBox, and benefit from the best shipping rates in the United States. top 10 us-based websites to buy designer face masks 2022 website

The Masqd Classic Rib Mask Bundle is known for being the best in comfort, this is why celebrities use them, too. These masks are reusable and come with a lycra fabric and anti-microbial cotton blend. They also have an adjustable nose bridge for optimum ease and usually come in a pack of five.

The best part is that their website,, offers a statewide discount of 30% off through a HOLIDAY coupon code. top 10 us-based websites to buy designer face masks 2022 1 website

You’ve probably heard of Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce giants in the world. It has hundreds and thousands of face masks for you to choose from whether it’s for general health, work, or fashion purposes. One of the best-selling masks on is the 3M collection. 3M is an amazing mask brand, which is known for its Aura N95 Particulate Respirator Masks. These masks are adjustable for the best comfort and filter out 95% of various airborne bacteria and particles. offers a pack of ten masks that have an adjustable nose bridge to provide users with easy fit and adjustments. You can use Amazon delivery just about everywhere, but in case your country is out of range, you can order through our international delivery services. website

Dundas is known as one of the more high-end masks available in the market, and rightfully so. exhibits a variety of colors and prints and is a great way to let a little color pop out from under the top layer of the mask.

Apart from being chic and trendy, they also comply with health standards. Masks by Dundas keep 95% of bacteria and contaminants from being inhaled and come in a fifty-piece set so you can have a new one to go with your outfit every day. top 10 us-based websites to buy designer face masks 2022 website

Jaanuu’s antimicrobial face masks come in a five-pack on their page and have quickly become popular healthcare apparel. These masks are made from the breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics that are used to make scrubs used by healthcare professionals.

They also feature a Silvadur antimicrobial technology coating that prevents them from becoming discolored. They are extremely resistant to mold, bacteria, and bad odors. showcases masks that are washable and have a reinforced lining, adjustable ear straps, and one-click on their page shows that they are available in kids’ sizes, too. top 10 us-based websites to buy designer face masks 2022 website

Evolve Together is another brand that is endorsed by celebrities. KN95 masks by are very popular for their disposable and biodegradable properties. This brand has made its name by following eco-conscious practices and consistently offering exceptional quality.

These KN95 masks feature six layers, including one that is water-resistant. The exterior is waterproof, followed by two more layers that filter 95% of the particles they encounter. This is followed by an odor-reduction layer that works with activated charcoal and two more moisture-absorbing sheets.

All masks are certified and tested by SGS, as disclosed on their website. The brand upholds and features the coordinates from different places from around the world as a sign of unity. top 10 us-based websites to buy designer face masks 2022 website

Inex Gear’s ‘The Better’ masks are washable, breathable, and have a cotton exterior layer for the best possible softness. The middle layer has a nanofiber filter to prevent any sort of articles or bacteria from going through. The masks also have an antimicrobial covering. The Better is one of the few masks that cater to those who wear glasses.

The website showcases their scalloped design, masks that help prevent your glasses to fog up and make the whole experience quite comfortable. In addition to an adjustable nose bridge, it also comes with moldable ear loops, which add to the breathability of the mask. It is one of the most comfortable masks on the list and is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, all of them available on website

Under Armour is often associated with sports, so it is no surprise that their masks carry the same brand image. The Under Armour Sports Mask is great for fitness enthusiasts, who will love this sweat-friendly option. Under Armour also markets a mask that is 100% polyester constructed and the brand’s famous Iso-Chill fabrics ensure that the user feels relaxed and cool during their workout.

These masks are structured with a water-resistant exterior and a moisture-wicking layer that keeps your face and lips from drying out during workouts. Moreover, the antimicrobial treatments that these masks go through ensure that there is no mould or bacteria build-up, giving users a safe and comfortable mask to use.

Though you can get most of Under Armour’s products through, or, some regions are excluded from their shipping. If that is the case, MyMallBox can be the solution you are looking for. We specialize in sending parcels in North America, with a range of guaranteed services that can fit every need and budget.

From Protection to Fashion

If you are ready to ditch your worn-out, generic masks with some glammed-up, comfortable ones, then the websites listed in this blog will offer the best shopping experience. If you face any difficulty getting your order to your destination, you can count on us. If you sign up with MyMallBox, you’ll be able to have your purchases delivered to your country, even if the online retail stores cannot reach you.

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