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5 Tips to Save Big on International Shipping in 2023

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Let’s say you have finally found the cosmetic or clothing item that you had saved up all month for on an online store. You’re delighted and excited at the prospect of finally being able to buy it. After all, why wouldn’t you be, considering how long you’ve been dreaming of having it? All of this only to realize that the international shipping costs you would incur probably cost as much as the item itself. You feel defeated, and have no idea where to go from here.

This is not an uncommon story, and many people shopping online have gone through the same or similar experiences. As the world of e-commerce leads us to the complete globalization of trade, international shipping for online shopping still ends up being extremely inflated, and even prohibitive. Let’s go over the ways you can reduce international shipping costs in 2023.

5 tips to save big on international shipping in 2023 mymallbox

Why Ship Products from the United States?

The United States of America is the heart of online shopping with flagship stores like Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, and many others. These larger-than-life stores hold repositories of almost any item that you can imagine. Whether it is merch for your favorite band, or a small business based in the U.S. that only ships locally, many items are available only within the country and it usually takes a lot more time before these online stores extend their offers to a global scale. Furthermore, many amazing annual sales such as the holidays, Thanksgiving, and even the famous Black Friday are most impactful within the U.S., and losing out on them can often be a great loss.

In some ways, this is understandable, as North American happens to be one of the largest economic hubs of both traditional and online shopping in the world. However, years of waiting just for product availability in your country can be quite inconvenient, not to mention downright frustrating. This is why many people around the world opt to simply ship the items that they love across the globe from the U.S.

Tips for Reducing International Shipment Costs


Use proxy shippers with exclusive rates

Personal buying agents and organizations ensure one thing as an essential part of doing business with you: that you get the cheapest shipping rates for getting your products shipped over land or sea. Due to their extensive experience working in the industry, they often have connections to shipment suppliers like FedEx and Korea Post. This means that these proxy agents are able to pass on to you exclusive shipping rates that only companies of their scale and means have access to. When you work with MyMallBox, we can help you save up to 70% of your international shipping costs with our partner carriers.

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Shop US tax-free

No one likes pesky and complicated taxes interfering with their day-to-day shipments of items they have already paid a good chunk of money for. This becomes yet another expense on top of your shipment fees and the cost of what you are purchasing.

Professional shipment providers do not make you undergo this hassle, as they utilize decade-old industry connections and partnerships to ensure that shipments are made to a free U.S. address or to a tax-free state where there is more leeway. This is especially helpful if you are purchasing and shipping an item in a state that taxes more heavily than its surrounding locations, which would have burnt a hole in your wallet if you decided to ship it yourself.


Consolidate your parcels

When ordering from another country, the worst thing you can do is pay for shipping for each item separately. Truth is, there’s hardly ever ‘one’ singular item that most people buy and ship at any given time. The biggest benefit of using a shipment agency to shop for items in the United States is that you can save shipping costs by combining all your items in a single order or repacking your parcel into the smallest possible size. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of having to pay for separate shipments and unnecessary space but also meticulously track each of them individually up until they arrive at your doorstep.

However, the process of consolidation requires that you have a storehouse of sorts at the location where you buy your favorite products, something that is not easily accessible to everyone. This is exactly why at MyMallBox, we provide you with a free US virtual address that comes with its very own suite number. This way, you can easily order items online without any hiccups and have them delivered to a virtual warehouse with nearly unlimited storage space and ample time to stock up on your favorite items. This is how we are able to consolidate multiple packages, store them in our warehouses, and ship them together to save much shipment costs as possible.

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Transparent pricing

Enlisting the services of a shipment agency for shipping within and outside the United States is not only a much cheaper way to buy things, but some websites even have a shipping price calculator that shows you exactly how much a shipment would cost. To use MyMallBox’s shipping calculator, simply enter the destination country, its postal code, and your package’s weight and dimensions. When you’re entering the package details, please make sure you set the units (lbs, kg, in, cm, etc.) correctly for accurate shipment estimates. This confidence in our service is what allows us to publicly show you how much money you will save, and compare your shipping costs to what you would have otherwise incurred.

mymallbox shipping calculator
MyMallBox Shipping Calculator

Split-packaging and Repackaging

We also allow you to break up your larger items across multiple shipments through split packaging, which can be advantageous in some niche use cases. Or if you’re shipping an oversized item that exceeds the shipping company’s size limit, you could request the package to be split into two.

Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about losing money on a product whose packaging and condition got ruined along the journey. For this exact reason, we offer content verifications of all of your items through photo evidence, and even repackaging for items that are received from online retailers with packaging quality that does not meet international shipping methods.

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The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there are many reasons to buy items in the U.S. through a shipping agency to reduce international shipping costs. At MyMallBox, we are here to help you from A to Z with our transparent and low international shipping prices.

We use our experience and connections in the industry to make sure that buying and shipping American products is as easy as possible. By working with people and organizations from all over the world who are experts in shipment and package delivery, we are proud to keep up with the latest technologies for cross-border e-commerce, so you can be sure that your orders are in good hands.

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