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Shopping Benefits

For some people around the world, purchasing goods from the US could be their first time and may encounter 

Pay 0% Sales Tax

MMB members can shop US online stores without paying taxes. 

Package Returns

Returning goods to US retailers can be a complicated process especially if you’re overseas. That’s where our returns services can come in handy. MMB members can experience a streamlined return process with the help of our on-site customer service agents.

Proxy Buying Service

Buying from US online retailers can be a daunting process especially if it’s your first time. Our on-site personal buying agents know where to buy the goods you’re looking for and purchase them on your behalf. All you need to do is tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Shipping Benefits

Shipping directly with online USA retailers can be slow and expensive, especially if you’re overeas. MyMallBox helps reduce all international shipping barriers to save our customers time & money.

Exclusive Shipping Rates

All members are entitled to exclusive shipping rates if they ship with MMB. Having shipped more than $15 million worth of merchandise, we were able to get special rates from the world’s leading carriers and we want to pass these benefits on to our customers.

Free US Address

If you become a member of MMB, you’ll receive your own free US address immediately which you can use to ship and store goods. You’ll also be entitled to free storage for the first 90 days before you ship with us. Also, it’s free to become our member!

Free Shipping Calculator

We want to make sure our members have the best shopping and shipping experience while they’re with MMB. All you need to do is sign up and enter your country and package information to receive an estimated shipping cost.

Package Consolidation

Consolidating your packages is a great way of saving costs on all domestic and international deliveries. Combining your packages reduces package dimensions, therefore, minimizing shipping expenses. You can also save time as you’ll receive them in one package.

Package Repack

Repackaging your parcels can also save on shipping costs. The cost of shipping is mainly determined by either the weight or the dimensions of a package. By repacking, we can help reduce the size of your packages so we can maximize shipping cost savings of up to 80%.

Shop USA & Ship Worldwide

Start shopping US stores and save on international shipping.
Sign up & get a free US address to get started!