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Are you looking for a way to ship your packages from the United States to your address? Our You Shop, We Ship service is our USA package forwarding service offered since 2014 to help people save international shipping costs. At MyMallBox, we’re here to make sure our members receive their parcel(s) fast and cost-efficiently.

How It Works

Step 1

step 1 how it works mymallbox

Sign up and get a free US address

Step 2

step 2 how it works mymallbox

Buy from US online stores & ship products to your suite

Step 4

step 5 how it works mymallbox

Combine packages and save up to 70% on international shipping

Submitting You Shop, We Ship Orders

When you're entering "shipping address" details at an online store and you wish to ship the product(s) to your suite at MyMallBox, enter "620 Centerpoint Blvd, [Your Suite Number], New Castle, DE 19720".

You can find your Suite Number once you're logged in to the MMB dashboard.

Please note:

  • Any orders without a Suite Number may cause delays in receiving your order. We do not take responsibility for the delay caused by lack of information provided with your order.
  • If you haven't entered your Suite Number but you've already made a purchase, please contact our support team at so that we can confirm the receipt of your package with our warehouse team.

  1. Go to "MY INCOMING PACKAGE" section inside your dashboard.
  2. Click "MY INCOMING PACKAGE FORM" to fill out your order information. This way we'll be made aware of the incoming package(s).

my incoming package asn 2

  1. Enter your order details including the domestic tracking number.
  2. Provide the price and quantity of the purchased item(s).
  3. Attach a screenshot that shows the value of the goods (during checkout) to avoid issues with customs clearance.


  • Item details in the 'MY INCOMING PACKAGE FORM' (also known as ASN) must be entered in English
  • Item information should be provided in detail including its type, brand, and name.
  • Item information in the ASN will be used for generating Commercial Invoices in the system.
  • If you do not know the domestic tracking number of your incoming package yet, our warehouse team is going to create the 'INCOMING ORDER FORM' on your behalf after your package arrives at our warehouse (the Suite Number should exist on your package). Once your package arrives, you'll be notified of its arrival.
  • Please note, if you fail to submit an ASN, there will incur a $5 USD fee and the value of your items will be determined as per our product pricing scheme. For more information, please click here.
  • If you fail to declare your items' custom values via an ASN, it's important that you let us know any soon as possible before ANY action is taken on the package. Once an action is taken, you'll not be able to change them.

Once you've finished submitting an ASN, you'll see the following screen.asn submitted

1. Once your package has been received at our warehouse, the package status change to 'Received'.
package received

2. At this stage, you can request optional services if necessary. Click here for more optional service pricing information.
For consolidation, you'll need to have at least 2 packages selected.
choose optional services

3. When you have requested one of our optional services, your package status will change to 'Requested'.
optional service requested status

4. Once your request has been processed and completed, the status will change to 'Repacked'.
package repacked

5. You may now add the item(s) to your cart.

1. Once you have added your package(s) to your cart, you'll need to select a "Shipping Address" and a "Shipping Service".
add to cart

2. If you haven't yet added a 'Shipping Address' to your account, head over to 'Account Settings' then 'My Address' then 'Add New Address'. Once this is done, your address should become available in the 'Select Shipping Address' dropdown menu.
account settings add my address

3. You may now review the item(s) in your cart, then proceed to the checkout to complete the order.

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